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Tax for Diesel generators

Above which capacity, Electricity Consumption Tax is to be paid for Diesel generators ?. What's the procedure for it in Tamil Nadu?


#2 2020-06-11 15:15:22

Yogeshwar Thiagarajan
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Re: Tax for Diesel generators

@GouriArch,All Diesel  generating sets above 10 KVA should apply for registration of the generator in Form - 'A1' of Government of Tamilnadu Electrical Inspectorate to the concerned Electricity Tax Inspecting Officer holding the post of Electrical Inspector along with original remittance challan for Rs. 200/ - paid in to a Govt. treasury under this dept. head of account.

Certificate of Registration will be issued in Form - 'A2' by Government of Tamilnadu Electrical Inspectorate

Rate of Tax is 10 paise ( Rs.0.10)  per unit on the electricity consumed

Monthly return in Form - 'C2' should be submitted regularly along with the original remittance challan for the amount of tax calculated as above

The rate of interest is 12% per annum for belated payments.
Forms can be downloaded from https://www.tnei.tn.gov.in/pages/displa … ricity-tax.


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